About Us

The Carling Group is a successful, ambitious, and diverse investment company with a proven track record in the property and sustainable construction sectors. The group, led by owners Graeme and Leanne Carling, boasts extensive experience in consolidating fragmented markets, and has recently moved its centre of operations to UAE to pursue international opportunities.

Group successes

The Carling Group is one of the largest residential property landlords in Scotland, providing a mix of affordable family homes, and dedicated student and work-force accommodation. The group’s residential portfolio has grown to over 300 properties whilst adopting a unique acquisition and development strategy to become Scotland’s only private, affordable-housing provider.

Having come to dominate the Scottish property market, the group identified a similar opportunity in the sustainable construction sector, which has a notoriously fragmented landscape.

The United Capital group has developed an aggressive and focused buy-and-build strategy which has been successful in securing private finance from company directors and their networks. Having quickly completed the acquisition of three building services companies, McGill, Alliance Electrical Services, and Saltire Facilities Management, United Capital currently has a number of significant deals on the table, and a pipeline with a combined value of more than £1 billion.

The group is set to reach its stated goal of combined group turnover of £500 million by 2024, if not earlier.

Meet the Carlings

Owned by husband and wife team, Graeme and Leanne Carling, The Carling Group was created with the aim of enhancing lives through property for their investors and property tenants.

Using over two decades of experience in property development and investment, the group has since become one of the most innovative and forward thinking property investment companies. Over the last 20 years, Graeme and his wife Leanne have been involved in over 1,000 property transactions – either buying or facilitating – with a value of circa £200million.

With a proven track record in consolidating the fragmented residential property sector, the couple sought their next opportunity in construction and facilities management, building a group with a focus on sustainability and decarbonisation of the built environment.

With an eye on international opportunities and geographic expansion, Graeme and Leanne have moved the centre of their operations to UAE, along with their young family. With their expert take on property investment and a portfolio as diverse as their interests, they are always open to new conversations and investment opportunities.

Graeme and Leanne have been jointly nominated as regional finalists for EY Entrepreneur of the Year UK 2021.

Graeme Carling

Graeme is a notable entrepreneur, with a reputation for successfully negotiating deals in his own inimitable style: bold, direct, and uncompromising. He has decades of experience in bringing together fragmented markets and successfully negotiating high-value deals. Graeme specialises in consolidating fragmented markets, maximising value from corporate assets, and brings significant expertise in acquisitions and delivering growth.

In 2019 Graeme, as CEO of investment company United Capital, acquired Scottish building services company McGill directly from KPMG after it entered administration. Graeme and his senior team helped to re-build the business and win several significant public sector contracts. The company is fully back in business with a new leadership team and commercial direction, and expects to turnover in excess of £15 million in this financial year and over £20 million in the following.

With Graeme leading his expert team, United Capital continues to make significant acquisitions and, with a potential acquisition pipeline value of close to £1 billion, are set to reach their goal of a combined turnover of £500 million by 2024.

Graeme doesn’t sit back and let success come to him. He is well known for his forthright attitude and willingness to make calculated moves into uncharted territory, as well as his ability to spot the next opportunity across a diverse range of markets.

Leanne Carling

With an unrivalled track record for sourcing acquisitions and creative deal-making, Leanne Carling has grown Carling Property Group into the largest privately-owned landlord in Scotland. She now brings vast experience in consolidating fragmented sectors to her role as Mergers & Acquisitions Director of investment company United Capital.

Leanne’s work ethic, energy for the next opportunity, and unique female voice in the fragmented markets space, make her an absolute expert in deal making, negotiating, and investments.

Over the last two decades, Leanne has been a driving force in more than 1,000 residential property portfolio acquisition transactions, with a value of circa £200million. The rapid growth of Carling Property Group is testament to Leanne’s talent for sourcing potential acquisitions that no-one else has identified, and buying at the right price to maximise eventual sale value.

As Mergers & Acquisitions Director at United Capital Leanne identifies, manages, and negotiates M&A activity to its completion. Leanne’s ability to source opportunities and construct deals that work for both buyer and seller is second to none, and is in large part responsible for delivering the investment company’s strategic goal to reach group turnover of £500 million by 2024.