Building Services

The Carling Group is investing in and consolidating the fragmented UK building services and facilities management sector by acquiring well-performing, profitable companies, operating in the sector, who have a strong management team and clear growth strategies.

The Carling Group, through an established network of agents, brokers and solid marketing, identify and target companies operating in our target sector. Our strict criteria targets companies which are consistently delivering annual turnover of between £10- £30million, achieve strong profit levels and are currently delivering large-scale public-sector contracts for Government, NHS, MoD, Local Council Authorities and Housing Associations.

Over the next three years, The Carling Group, through our company, United Capital, will continue to acquire cash-generating and profitable companies in the fragmented UK building services and facilities management sector. We aim to build group turnover to £300million, generating an EBITDA of circa. £25million over the next three years. All acquired businesses retain autonomy and identity, though efficiencies will be made where identified and we will retain the existing company management team where appropriate, who will be supported by our Board.

The Carling Group and United Capital’s Board of Directors lead teams of experienced staff who will support our delivery of this growth strategy. These teams will form a centralised resource of what we deem to be critical business functions i.e. Marketing, HR, Bid Writing, Finance and Health & Safety, which support our family of businesses to continue to grow.

Our strict criteria for acquisitions are that businesses must be cash-generative, have a strong management team and be winning public sector contracts.

United Capital acquired McGill from KPMG in March 2019 after the company entered administration. The Carling Group and United Capital teams have re-built McGill, which is now winning public sector contracts and quickly re-growing.

Alliance Electrical joined the group when United Capital completed their acquisition of the business in December 2019. Alliance Electrical is a well-established and reputable company operating predominantly in East and Central Scotland.

United Capital completed the acquisition of Saltire Facilities Management in May 2020. The business, which is one of the UK’s largest central heating firms, operates offices across the UK and delivers services to the domestic and public sector markets.