The Carling Group announces new investment partnership with Trident Dental Group

The Carling Group, an international family investments office operating out of UAE and with offices across Europe, have announced their latest investment partnership, with ambitious dentistry business, Trident Dental Group. The partnership will see The Carling Group Board of Directors join existing Trident Directors, Dr. Nedahl Swessi and Danijel Forstneric to lead the business as it executes a fast-paced acquisition strategy for growth.

Dr. Nedahl Swessi, who formed the business in 2020 with ambitious plans for rapid growth, reached out to The Carling Group CEO Graeme Carling, after seeing the success of Mr Carling’s construction sector investment business, United Capital Investments. Graeme Carling will assume the position of Group Chairman of Trident Dental Group, with other Carling Group Directors taking up positions on the Board.

Speaking of the new partnership Graeme Carling commented; “I am delighted to announce our new partnership and have The Carling Group’s experienced and successful Board of Directors supporting Nedahl and Danijel to realise their ambitions for Trident. The healthcare, and in particular the dentistry market, is an exciting one, perfect for our style of buy-and-build growth which we have a lot of experience in.”

Mr Carling continues; “The Carling Group are experts in consolidating fragmented markets and our fastquisition model, where we call on our knowledge and experience to expedite the business buying process, is proven to be effective. With Nedahl and Danijel’s in-depth industry knowledge, and our acquisition expertise, Trident Dental Group will grow quickly.”

Dr. Nedahl Swessi, who bought his first dental practice in 2014 added; “I am excited to have Graeme and The Carling Group team join our Board at Trident. I have followed their successes at United Capital and having them join our team is a great result for us. We have ambitious plans and rather than try to do everything ourselves, we have brought in partners who are vastly experienced in the Mergers & Acquisitions market. The Carling Group Board brings a wide range of expertise, essential to our success, and we expect to have some exciting news very soon.”

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