The Deal Scout Podcast

From our dealmakers across the pond!!! Ladies and gents welcome Graeme Carling, one of Scotland’s largest private residential landlords and acquirer of private businesses across the globe.

He is going to share his story on The Deal Scout and talk with us about the emotions of a deal.

The Selling Sessions Podcast

Fast-quisitions, a term coined by Graeme and Leanne Carling after completing multiple business acquisitions in under a week. Selling your business is a time consuming process that takes business owner’s attention away from running the business. Fast-quisitions cut down the time it takes to complete deals and keeps deals moving, saving both sides money and time.

The Selling Sessions Podcast

This week Paul McGillvery and Fraser Kirk meet with United Capital CFO Kevan Sturrock to discuss the finance element of doing deals from the point of view of the buyer. As the CFO at United Capital Kevan reviews the finances of many businesses every month and gives listeners an insight into what is important, what the buyers need and how numbers are not the only part of doing deals. 

The Selling Sessions Podcast

This episode of The Selling Sessions welcomes United Capital’s Marketing & Communications Director Fraser Kirk and Jo Eismont, Marketing Manager at BlueLime Marketing to chat about how marketing can help you to sell your business.

Fraser offers insight into the research and qualification process at United Capital and just how big a role your marketing can play in the process. This episode is packed with loads of great insight from an experienced Marketer. 

The biggest take away…if you’re not talking, no-one can listen!

The Selling Sessions Podcast

In this episode we “meet the buyer”, Graeme Carling, CEO of United Capital to discuss what he thinks sellers should be doing when trying to sell their business. As an experienced business buyer Graeme offers insight into his expectations of a seller and explains what you must do, in order to get the deal done.

The Selling Sessions – Meet the Buyer episodes curate conversations with experienced and expert business buyers to give any would-be seller, an insight into the mind of the people on the other side of the negotiating table. 

Dealmakers Academy with Jonathan Jay – Episode 3

In this third interview between Graeme and Jonathan, we discuss how to buy a multi-million-pound business, and the different ways to finance it.

Money & Me with Graham Rowan

Today Graham Rowan meets Scotland’s biggest landlord, Graeme Carling. In this fascinating interview Graeme explains: – how he managed to complete the acquisition of a national heating and electrical company with over 300 staff in the middle of lock-down – how he worries about the eventual impact of the ‘enormous financial experiment’ that we’re all a part of – his concerns for his very large property portfolio – the impact his friend and mentor Robert Kiyosaki, who he recently visited in America, has had on his life.

Money and Me is one of the main platforms for speaker, author and investor Graham Rowan. Until lock down, the series was shown on Sky TV in the UK and focused on the financial life story of each high profile guest. Since the coronavirus pandemic, Graham has focused his guests on the business, financial, investment impact of Covid19.

Dealmakers Academy with Jonathan Jay – Episode 2

Graeme Carling connects with Dealmaker, Jonathan Jay, in the middle of Covid lockdown to discuss completing a multi-million=pound business acquisition in the middle of a pandemic.

High Yield Residential Property Portfolio in Scotland for sale

International Women’s Day 2020

Here’s a throwback to when Leanne met her mentor Kim Kiyosaki back in 2009, and a more recent encounter in 2020 discussing women in business. Over the past 11 years, with many more un-filmed meetings, Kim has grown from being Leanne’s mentor to friend, and their bond is a classic example of the strong relationships Leanne creates throughout the business. As one of our Directors, these skills in building relationships and managing and negotiating deal activity to its completion are essential at The Carling Group. A lot of her work is carried out behind the scenes, so what better day to celebrate her than International Women’s Day!

Over the past 13 years, Leanne has grown her residential property company, Carling Property Group, into the largest privately-owned residential landlords in Scotland. She’s been involved in over 1,000 property transactions with a value of over £200million, and Leanne’s work behind the scenes is just as interesting as the high figures. Whether Graeme’s come home to find the microwave’s gone missing or their duvet’s done a disappearing act, it’s testament to Leanne’s caring nature that she’d give her own belongings to tenants who have nothing.

Leanne absolutely loves giving back, so if you’re looking for a successful businesswoman to speak and inspire women at your next event, just get in touch! #IWD2020 #EachforEqual