Meet the Team

The Carling Group is a successful, ambitious, and diverse investment company with a proven track record in the real estate, sustainable built environment, and healthcare sectors. The group, led by founders Graeme and Leanne Carling, boasts extensive experience in consolidating fragmented markets, and has recently moved its centre of operations to UAE to pursue international opportunities.

The Carling Group hold various interests in multiple sectors across the world. As a group of highly experienced mergers and acquisitions experts, we execute rapid buy and build growth strategies. As one of the leading fastquisitions companies, we have the knowledge, experience and capacity, to support rapid business growth through acquisition.

Plug and play board of directors

Our board hold several equity partnership positions across multiple sectors and regions, providing expert support to ambitious investment organisations. This ‘plug and play’ structure allows organisations and investment groups to access expert advice from our board. To find out more about how our board might accelerate your acquisition strategy, contact us today.